1. Do’s and Don’ts of Guttering

    If you’re planning to install new gutters or have some gutter repair completed, there are some specific guttering do’s and don’ts to follow so you won’t make costly or frustrating mistakes that could cause damage to your home or roof. If you’re searching for a trusted guttering company in Wichita, Kansas or in the surrounding areas, call Bartlett and Sons today. You’ll always receive p…Read More

  2. The Parts of a Guttering System

    When someone says “guttering system”, it can be extremely confusing and overwhelming for homeowners. While everyone needs gutters on their home, especially in particularly snowy or rainy climates, it can be stressful to know what you need for your home and whether or not you simply need some of your gutters repaired or replaced or an entire new system. If you’re in need of a new guttering sy…Read More

  3. Seven Spring Repair Ideas for Your Home

    Spring is on its way, and it’s an exciting time for warmer weather, enjoying the outdoors, and getting some much needed sunshine after months of cold weather. Taking care of the exterior of your home is important, and after a long winter, it’s a good idea to inspect the outside of your house to make sure there aren’t any repairs that need to be completed. At Bartlett and Sons, we’re passio…Read More

  4. Reuse Your Gutters!

    Have you recently had gutters installed or repairs and have some sections leftover? Did you know you can use sections of gutters for some interesting and innovative gardening ideas? At Bartlett and Sons, we’re dedicated to helping you take the best care of your home with our guttering systems, gutter repair, and gutter cleaning. We’re here to help you! Use Pieces of Gutters for a Seasonal Flow…Read More

  5. How Does Guttering Work?

    If you’ve ever gazed at your gutters and wondered why they’re needed for your home, then read on. You may question why a guttering system is so important, but actually, it’s vital to keeping your home safe and protected from water and ice damage. Bartlett and Sons is your local, family-owned and operated guttering experts who are here to repair, replace, or patch your gutters so they’re al…Read More

  6. How a Functional Guttering System is Vital to the Longevity of your Home

    You may think that having a good guttering system isn’t as important as having a useful roof or strong door. However, if your gutters aren’t being regularly cleaned, repaired, and updated, you may begin to experience roofing issues you wouldn’t have previously encountered before your guttering system began to falter. At Bartlett and Sons, we understand just how important it is to maintain yo…Read More

  7. How Your Gutters Will Help You Sell Your House

    Looking to sell your house in the near future? Are you working on those home improvement projects that will help make your house look more charming in hopes it will attract the perfect buyer? While making your list of DIY projects, one that you should be paying attention to is your gutters. Prospective buyers will be turned off and ignore your house if your gutter system is faulty, outdated, or no…Read More

  8. Three Easy Ways to Winterize Your Gutters

    Are your gutters prepared for winter? It’s extremely important to prepare and maintain your gutters for the grueling winter months. After the fall, sticks, leaves, and other debris can clog your gutters causing snow, ice, and water to overflow onto your roof and foundation. This can damage your roof and weaken your foundation. If gutters aren’t properly cleaned prior to winter weather, ice and…Read More

  9. Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutters

    While you may not pay much attention to them, your rain gutters are an incredibly important part of your home’s exterior. Now that autumn is in full swing, you’ve likely noticed an abundance of leaves building up in your yard. While those piles may be fun for your kids to play in, they should send off a warning sign that you might need your gutters cleaned. This seemingly unimportant chore is …Read More