If you’re planning to install new gutters or have some gutter repair completed, there are some specific guttering do’s and don’ts to follow so you won’t make costly or frustrating mistakes that could cause damage to your home or roof. If you’re searching for a trusted guttering company in Wichita, Kansas or in the surrounding areas, call Bartlett and Sons today. You’ll always receive professional service and incredible work by our experienced technicians. Call for an appointment or repair today!

Do Maintain Your Gutters

Your gutters only keep your home safe from water damage when they’re free of sticks, leaves, twigs, and other debris that can clog the channels. Make sure that your gutters are professionally cleaned out after the fall and before spring rains especially, and if your home is situated underneath several trees, it might be a good idea to have your gutters checked every few months or so.

Don’t Ignore Rust or Holes

A little rust may seem like nothing to worry about, but if rust is left to continue, it can quickly cause major issues and repairs. Also, if any holes occur from branches or other damage, have them patched immediately. Even a small hole can become a huge headache quickly if left alone, and it will compromise the integrity of the entire system.

Don’t Install Gutters on Your Own

You may believe that you can change out a damaged guttering section on your own, but this is best a job left to professionals. If you notice that your gutters need to be repaired, call a trusted guttering professional in your area.

Taking excellent care of your guttering system will ensure many years of water protection and diversion from your home. Call Bartlett and Sons now if you’re searching for a reputable guttering business. With over 20 years of experience, Bartlett and Sons will take only the best care of your home and gutters. Call today!