Spring is on its way, and it’s an exciting time for warmer weather, enjoying the outdoors, and getting some much needed sunshine after months of cold weather. Taking care of the exterior of your home is important, and after a long winter, it’s a good idea to inspect the outside of your house to make sure there aren’t any repairs that need to be completed. At Bartlett and Sons, we’re passionate about taking care of your home through our excellent service and guttering solutions. If you’re in need of gutter repair or installation, call us now!

Exterior Painting

Exposure to the elements can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior, including causing damage to paint. If you see paint cracking on your doors, siding, or porch railing, take a weekend to repaint and repair the issues. Make sure to chip the old paint off, apply primer, and a quality exterior paint.

Siding Replacement

If it’s been a particularly bad winter with lots of wind and icy temperatures, you may have to replace the siding of your home. It’s important to repair broken or cracked siding so that the interior drywall or insulation of your house isn’t damaged. Siding also helps to control the interior temperature of your home, and as temperatures begin to heat up, it’s important to have a strong barrier to keep out the elements.

Windows and Doors

Making sure the windows and doors of your home have good insulation and haven’t shifted or moved during the colder months is also vital to the longevity of your house. Inspect the seals of your doors and windows so that you’re not experiencing drafts of hot air during the summer.

Check the Foundation

If it’s been a particularly wet winter with snow, ice, or rain, it’s an excellent idea to have your foundation checked by a professional foundation company to ensure that the infrastructure of your home hasn’t shifted or cracked.

Attic Ventilation

Making sure that there isn’t any debris such as twigs, sticks, or leaves blocking the vents of your attic will guarantee that you’re getting the optimum amount of attic ventilation. Check your ridge vents, whirly-birds, and soffit vents carefully so that everything is operating normally.

Shingles and Roofing

A roof leak can cost thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. If your home hasn’t had a roofing evaluation recently, it may be a good idea for you to contact a local roofing company to evaluate the status of your roof. A professional roofer will be able to replace or repair broken or cracked shingles and guarantee that your roof is in good working order. If your roof needs a major repair, the company will also be able to advise you on a plan of action.


After a long winter, gutters can become clogged and reduce their capacity to funnel water away from your roof and home. Have your guttering system cleaned and flushed so that it will be ready for the spring showers and storms. If you’re in the Wichita, Kansas area, call Bartlett and Sons for all of your guttering needs. Whether you need an end-of-season cleaning, a gutter repair, or an entire new system, our family-owned company will work with you to create a guttering system perfect for your home.

Bartlett and Sons is proud to have more than 20 years of experience in the guttering business. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with a quality product at a fair and reasonable price. If you’re in need of a professional and friendly guttering service in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas, contact us now!