If you’ve ever gazed at your gutters and wondered why they’re needed for your home, then read on. You may question why a guttering system is so important, but actually, it’s vital to keeping your home safe and protected from water and ice damage. Bartlett and Sons is your local, family-owned and operated guttering experts who are here to repair, replace, or patch your gutters so they’re always working at their optimum level. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re experts at diagnosing, repairing, and installing gutters on every type of home or business. Call Bartlett and Sons today!

How Guttering Works

Gutters are installed on homes and buildings to help rainwater, snow, and ice stop collecting on the eaves and roofs. Usually, gutters are installed on a slight slope to encourage the the water to run away from the house or structure and towards the downspouts that are placed at the four corners of the building. Both the gutters and the downspouts are designed to work together to keep water away from your siding, roof, foundation, and windows. The downspouts divert the water away from the house and sometimes even into water storage barrels, which can contain the rainwater or melted snow and ice for other purposes, such as water for gardens or landscaping. When your guttering system is working perfectly, water, ice, and snow damage is drastically reduced, ensuring the extended longevity of your home or building.

howdoesgutteringwork_blog_innerimage2Why is Guttering Important?

Gutters seem like they don’t do much, but if you don’t have a functional system, your house or structure is exposed to incredible amounts of water, snow, or ice any time the skies open up in a deluge. Even if you live in a dry climate, it’s still important to have gutters installed on your home in case of a sudden rainstorm or record snow fall. Unfortunately, by the time you realize that you need a guttering system, it’s usually too late and damage has already been done. Don’t get stuck repairing your foundation or having to replace your siding because you didn’t have a water diversion system. Bartlett and Sons can work with you to create the perfect guttering system for your home or building so that the structure is protected from any and all water damage.


Installing Guttering

So now that you know that you’re in need of gutters, then the next step is to have gutters installed. If your home is completely devoid of gutters, then you’ll need a completely new system installed. Bartlett and Sons is more than happy to create the perfect system for your business or home. We’ll make sure that the system works ideally with your structure and also make sure that it’s expertly installed and designed for the utmost water diversion. If your gutters are rusted or outdated, we can also repair them so they’ll function well without any leaks or cracks. Call us today and let us design a guttering system specifically for you!

Gutters are one of those parts of life that you never realize that you need but end up being invaluable to the longevity of your home or business. We understand that a faulty, leaky guttering system can be cause for panic, but we’re here to help you and take that stress away. Bartlett and Sons is family-owned and dedicated to always providing excellent customer service and top-notch products at an affordable price. We’ll never pressure you to make a decision and always listen to every question and concern. Don’t get caught without a gutter system or gutters that are broken, rusted, or cracked. Call us today!