Your home is your most valuable asset, and gutters go a long way towards keeping it safe and structurally sound. If you’ve purchased a new home recently, you should have your gutters inspected for proper installation so you can have peace of mind during the rainy season in Wichita. Here are a few of the signs we look for when determining if your gutter system was properly installed.


Properly installed rain gutters should be placed at a very slight angle so water can more efficiently move from your roof down through the downspout. The same holds true for newer seamless gutters and gutter guards. If the gutter is mounted flat, the water won’t be able to flow to the downspout and appropriate drainage areas. In fact, you’ll likely see water running from your roof and over your gutter during a heavy rainstorm. While this may not seem like a problem, water collecting at the base of your home can ruin your landscaping.

Correct Downspout Position

The downspout funnels water away from your home and into a designated drainage area. When a downspout is poorly positioned or is too short for the height of your house, water will collect at the base of your home. Not only will you have unsightly puddles around your home’s exterior, you run the risk of damaging your home’s foundation. As the puddles grow, the ground beneath your home can become saturated. Over time, this can lead to a cracked or warped foundation and very expensive repairs.

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