Are your gutters prepared for winter? It’s extremely important to prepare and maintain your gutters for the grueling winter months. After the fall, sticks, leaves, and other debris can clog your gutters causing snow, ice, and water to overflow onto your roof and foundation. This can damage your roof and weaken your foundation. If gutters aren’t properly cleaned prior to winter weather, ice and snow can cause gutters to sag or buckle. Also, another issue that can occur is that ice and snow can creep under your roof shingles, lifting them off of the roof and causing the roof and shingles to deteriorate. Call Bartlett and Sons today to ensure that your gutters are prepared for the winter.


Clean Your Gutters Properly

At Bartlett and Sons, we can have your gutters clean in no time. Regular cleanings guarantee that your home and foundation are protected from snow and ice damage. Cleanings also help to identify and treat holes or cracks in your gutters so they can be repaired before they cause major issues. Rather than spending a weekend on a ladder trying to clean them yourself, we have a professional team ready to take on your gutters with precision and excellence. As a small family company, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your house. Schedule a full gutter cleaning today and we’ll help you to prepare your home for the winter.


Patch Holes

Gutters can sometimes spring holes due to the weight of debris or the rusting of metal. This can damage the gutter and in turn, cause damage to your house. Gutters can also separate at joints and even pull away from the house. This can put undue stress on your structure and cause the joists and foundation to pull apart. Bartlett and Sons is equipped to handle all types of holes and can patch them so the gutter can function correctly again. We’re trained to diagnose and fix gutter holes and cracks so that you can be assured your gutter system is functioning properly.


Replace Old Gutters with New

Sometimes your gutters have to be replaced. It’s unfortunate but at a certain point, new gutters are needed to continue protecting your house. Bartlett and Sons offers many different options to correctly fit your home and guttering needs. Whether you need a partial section replaced or the entire home, we are here to help you out and install new gutters. We are proud to install SnapLock™ gutters, which are permanent, sag-free, and buckle-free. While replacing gutters can be stressful, we promise to do our best to make it and easy and straightforward as possible.

Bartlett and Sons values our customers and we want to take the best care of your home and prepare it for winter weather. Whether you need a cleaning, repair, or a new gutter system, Bartlett and Sons is proud to offer excellent products and exemplary service. We’re a small family company dedicated to taking the best care of our customers. Call us today for a quote, and let us take care of your gutters so you don’t have to!