When someone says “guttering system”, it can be extremely confusing and overwhelming for homeowners. While everyone needs gutters on their home, especially in particularly snowy or rainy climates, it can be stressful to know what you need for your home and whether or not you simply need some of your gutters repaired or replaced or an entire new system. If you’re in need of a new guttering system or advice on a repair in the Wichita area, contact Bartlett and Sons. As a family-run and owned business, we’re dedicated to taking the best care of your home. Call us today for an appointment!


Obviously, this is the foundation of the entire system and will be the basis of your gutters. Most guttering is referred to as “K-style”, where one side is flat and vertical and the other is technically bent to resemble crown molding. Gutters are made out of aluminum, but can also be manufactured out of galvanized steel, copper, vinyl, and sometimes even wood. Seamless guttering is also becoming more and more popular with homeowners, especially since it doesn’t void the manufacturer’s warranty of the roof. A seamless design includes one continuous strip of metal that is customized to your home. If you’re interested in having seamless guttering installed on your home, call Bartlett and Sons now for more information.


As the name suggests, a fastener or gutter hanger is what affixes the gutter to the side of your home or roof. It is typically made out of the same material as the gutters and is a specially bent piece of metal that fits the K-style of gutter. It essentially attaches to one side of the gutter and the other side is screwed into the roof or side of the house with a long, reinforced screw. If a fastener becomes bent, cracked, or rusted, it can easily be replaced but cause the gutter to buckle under the weight of snow, ice, or water. If you noticed sections of your guttering system pulling away from the sides of the roof or house, contact a trusted gutter professional immediately so that additional damage isn’t caused to your home.


No, that’s not a typo! An elbow refers to the special part of a guttering system that is designed for homes that have front porch, back deck, or overhanging roof. Most large buildings, like box stores or office structures, often don’t require elbows because the downspout can be attached to the side of the building and funnel water that way. You definitely need a downspout, especially if you get lots of rain or snow on a regular basis. If you have a home with a roof that extends over the front, sides, or back of the house, you’ll definitely need an elbow. It will connect the downspout to the roofline guttering system perfectly so that the downspout can be attached to the side of the home to funnel water away from your landscaping and foundation. It’s a molded piece of metal that is attached to the downspout and gutters with screws.


This may be small but it is definitely a vital piece to the success of your guttering system. Without a downspout channeling the water away from the sides of your home, your driveway, or your beautiful petunias, you’ll always find your yard or front porch completely flooded after a rainstorm or intense snowfall. Forgetting to attach a downspout to your guttering system will always funnel water straight to your foundation and basement, which can quickly cause mold, flooding in your home, and expensive repairs that can take weeks to fix. This enclosed pipe is made from the same metal as your gutters and is attached using screws. The way that the downspout it shaped (much like an obtuse angle) helps the water to be funneled away from your basement and foundation.

Gutter Guard

Often one of most ignored but arguably most important parts of your guttering system, the gutter guard will save you the frustration of constantly cleaning out your gutters. This is especially a good idea if your home is underneath many trees that have twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris that can break or fall off and clog your gutters. If the system does get impacted, the next time a thunderstorm hits, there will be a deluge of water that will flood your landscaping and flowerbeds. Too much debris sitting in your gutters can always cause them to buckle, bend, or pull away from the sides of your home or roof. However, if you install a gutter guard, it will keep the water flowing perfectly and your home safe from water damage and other stressful issues. Talk to your guttering professional or repairman about installing a gutter guard next time your schedule a cleaning or maintenance. Keeping your home protected from water damage is one of the best ways to ensure that your home will last for many years and help you to avoid costly repairs and renovations.

Making sure that your home is protected both inside and outside is vital to the longevity of your property and house. If you’ve recently purchased a home and notice that the guttering system needs to be repaired or that the gutters that have been on your home are in need of serious repair or replacing, contact Bartlett and Sons now. With more than 20 years of experience and commitment to a job well done, you can be certain that your home will be protected from water and snow damage for many years to come. Call for an appointment today!