WaveTech Gutter Systems for Your Property Near Wichita

How Does it Work

The WaveTech Gutter System is a complete, covered gutter system that keeps leaves, sticks and debris out of your gutters. As debris builds up, your gutter can get clogged, allowing water to pool between the gutter and your roof. When left untreated, this buildup can cause major water damage to your siding and your roof.

Many companies offer separate gutter covers that can clip onto existing gutters, but they often cost just as much as a new gutter system! Why should you pay for a stand-alone cover that goes over your existing guttering when you can get our complete system at the same price with our lifetime clog-free warranty? If you ever notice that your WaveTech gutters aren’t performing well, we’ll fix them!

WaveTech Gutter Systems benefit by having:

  • Installation under drip edge
  • Exclusive highback system
  • Built in gutter cover
  • Certified “GutterStud” system
  • 5-point mounting system
  • Made out of premium aluminum
  • Custom fit for each home
  • No clog guarantee
  • And much more

The WaveTech Gutter System is a fascia mount system which means it does not tuck under your shingles like other hood style products. These other products break the seal between your shingles, voiding the shingle manufacturer’s warranty and exposing your roof to potential water damage! Our system works to protect your home from leaks and foundation damage from improper drainage.

We manufacture our WaveTech gutters on site, using a solid aluminum material. This allows us to create a custom fit for your house before we ever start the installation, saving you time and money. Call us today for more information!

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